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A Week in the Life of a Browser - Version 2: Aggregated Data Samples

Study Description

Data Samples

Anyone is welcome to download and use the aggregated data files below.

FilenameDownload SizeNum. of TablesNum. of UsersDescription
witl.db.gz1.1 GB3About 27,000Gzipped SQL dump of all three tables
witl_large.tar.gz469 MB3About 27,000Gzipped Tar archive of three CSV files, one for each table
witl_small.tar.gz7.4 MB3About 27,000, 387 w/ event dataGzipped Tar archive of three CSV files, one for each table

All of this data has been collected and is being shared under the terms of the Test Pilot Privacy Policy from Mozilla Labs. We license this data for use by anyone under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.. This license allows derived works as well as commercial use, as long as you give attribution for the source of the data.

There is no personally-identifiable information, and no URLs, contained in this data set.

How to read the data

There are two ways to work with this data sample: you can download the SQLite database, which consists of 3 tables, or if you are more comfortable working with .csv's, you can download the witl.tar.gz file, which contains the same 3 tables as separate .csv's. See below for a description of the tables and their columns.

Table Name: 'users'

Main table of users and the metadata associated with each user. Note: 'user_id' is consistent over all tables - tables can by merged by/on 'user_id'

Column Name Explanation
user_idAll rows that have the same user number came from the same submission. Each submission is assumed to be a different user, but there are various ways that a single user could make multiple submissions (e.g. multiple computers, multiple Firefox profiles, etc.) These user numbers have no meaning or correlation to anything outside of the aggregated data file in which they appear. Their order has been randomized, so the numbers do not correspond to the order in which submissions were received.
locationNot used
fx_versionFirefox version
osOS version
versionTest Pilot Extension version
survey_answersNot used
number_extensionsNumber of installed add-ons/extensions

Table Name: 'events'

Main table of users and recorded events.

Column Name Explanation
user_idSee 'users' table'
event_codeInteger defining what the event was; see below for a description of these event codes.
data1String; interpretation depends on event_code
data2String; interpretation depends on event_code
data3String; interpretation depends on event_code
timestampThe time at which the event occurred, given in milliseconds since epoch
session_idNot used

Event Codes

event_code number Name Explanation Meaning of data1, data2, data3 columns
0STUDY_STATUSRecorded on study startup.'data1' identifies the version number of the study (currently 5).
BROWSER_STARTRecorded on application startup.No additional data recorded.
2BROWSER_SHUTDOWNRecorded on application shutdown.No additional data recorded.
3BROWSER_RESTARTRecorded on application shutdown, if the user triggered the shutdown by clicking "Restart Firefox" (for instance in the add-ons manager).No additional data recorded.
4BROWSER_ACTIVATERecorded when the browser returns to active use after going idle.'data1' column identifies the mechanism used to detect activation (basically debugging info): "Self-ping timer" or "IdleService observer".
5BROWSER_INACTIVERecorded when we detect that the browser has gone idle, either through the self-ping timer (study pings itself every five minutes while firefox is active) or through the IdleService observer (which triggers after ten minutes of Firefox being idle).Data1 column says either "Self-ping timer" or "IdleService observer".
8BOOKMARK_STATUSRecorded on app startup.'data1' is the total number of bookmarks found. 'data2' is the total number of bookmark folders. 'data3' is the maximum depth of bookmark folders.
9BOOKMARK_CREATERecorded when user creates a new bookmark OR a new bookmark folder. Ignores Livemark folders and does not trigger when a bookmark is created in one of these.'data1' is either "New Bookmark Added" or "New Bookmark Folder".
10BOOKMARK_CHOOSERecorded when user chooses a bookmark.No additional data.
11BOOKMARK_MODIFYRecorded when user deletes a bookmark or moves it to a different folder. Ignores Livemark folders.Data1 is either "Bookmark Removed" or "Bookmark Moved".
12DOWNLOADRecored when a download completes.No additional data.
17PRIVATE_ONRecorded when user enters private browsing mode. When in private browsing mode, no further recording is done.No additional data.
18PRIVATE_OFFRecorded when user exits private browsing mode.No additional data.
19MEMORY_USAGEMemory usage is recorded once every 15 minutes (although this was originally set to 1hr so data prior to Nov 6 will be 1 hour intervals), and upon startup. When memory usage is recorded, it will iterate through all the reporters in the memory manager, recording a MEMORY_USAGE event for each reporter.'data1' contains the reporter path, and 'data2' contains the amount of memory used, in bytes.
20SESSION_ON_RESTORERecorded on application startup, when session restore triggers.'data1' is the number of windows restored, 'data2' is the number of tabs restored across all windows. If no session restore occurs, will record 0 for both columns.
22PLUGIN_VERSIONOn experiment startup, experiment records one PLUGIN_VERSION event for each plugin.'data1' is plugin filename, 'data2' is plugin version, 'data3' is plugin name.
23HISTORY_STATUSRecorded on experiment startup.'data1' is the total number of distinct places in the Places database, i.e. history items.
24PROFILE_AGERecorded on experiment startup.'data1' is the age (as a timestamp) of the oldest file in the profile directory. (Using the last-modified date, since creation date is not always available)
25SESSION_RESTORE_PREFERENCESOn experiment startup, recorded once for each preference relevant to session restore.'data1' is name of the pref, 'data2' is the value. Recorded prefs are browser.sessionstore.resume_from_crash, .resume_session_once, and .max_resumed_crashes.
26NUM_TABSRecorded whenever memory is recorded (at startup and every 15 minutes) and also whenever a window or tab is opened or closed.'data1' is number of windows, 'data2' is number of tabs (including the one just opened).
27STARTUP_TIMERecorded on startup. Will be used in the future to record time taken for Firefox to start up; however this data is not yet available.

Table name: 'survey'

Table of users and associated Beta Background Survey answers. For each row, the first column is 'user_id' and each of the following 14 columns represent the 14 survey questions. Answer choices are coded to integers, so for a given question, '0' represents the first answer choice, '1' corresponds to the second answer choice, and so on. On some questions, users were allowed to check more than one answer. If they did so, the column will contain the numbers of all checked answers, delimited with pipe ("|") characters. Note that because the survey was optional, the table does not include all users.

Survey Question Answer 0 Answer 1 Answer 2 Answer 3 Answer 4 Answer 5 Answer 6 Answer 7 Answer 8 Answer 9 Answer 10
How long have you used Firefox?Less than 3 months3 to 6 months6 months to a year1 to 2 years2 to 3 years3 to 5 yearsMore than 5 years
Do you use more than one browser in your daily life?No. I only use Firefox.Yes, I use other browsers besides Firefox.
If you use other browsers besides Firefox, what are they?ChromeSafariOperaInternet Explorer (all versions)
If you use multiple browsers, what do you consider to be your primary browser?I don't use other browsers, only use FirefoxFirefoxChromeSafariOperaInternet Explorer (all versions)
What is your gender?MaleFemale
How old are you?Under 1818-2526-3536-4546-55Older than 55
How much time do you spend on the Web each day?Less than 1 hour1-2 hours2-4 hours4-6 hours6-8 hours8-10 hoursMore than 10 hours
How would you describe your computer/web skill level?(Scale 1-10)
Where do you usually access the Internet?HomeWorkSchoolMobile
What smartphone device are you currently using?Apple iPhoneGoogle Android (ex: Droid, HTC Hero)Microsoft Windows Mobile (ex: HTC Imagio, Samsung Omnia)Nokia Maemo ( ex: N900, N810)Nokia Symbian (ex: N97, E71)Palm (ex: Pre, Treo)RIM BlackberryI don't use a smartphone.
What are the main reason you use the Web?Work: coding relatedWork: non-coding relatedSchoolPersonal life assistanceCommunicationSocializingEntertainment
What are your most frequently visited websites?Search enginesVideo sitesNews sitesSocial networking sitesBrowser based gamesShoppingPaying bills and online bankingFile download sitesWebmailForumsAdult pagesGambling and online bettingOnline word processing: Google Docs, Spreadsheets
How do you find out about the latest computer and technology news?Online news sources: Google News, CNN,etc.Online blogs: tech blogs, news blogs, etc.Offline news sources: printed newspapers, magazines,etc.Someone you know: a coworker, friend or family member,etc.AdvertisementsSocial media: Facebook, Twitter, Ning, etc.
How would you describe yourself as a web user?(Free entry)

Filtered Extensions

The following extensions are known to cause major changes to the relationship between tab use and memory in Firefox. Data submissions from users who had one of these extensions installed have been filtered out of the data sets provided on this page, to ensure that the data sets are as representative as possible of default Firefox behavior:
  • Bar Tab

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